Creative Project Management

Create & deliver creative projects.

See how your creative team can manage priorities and workload to deliver creatives files on-time.

Simple and intuitive interface

Modern user interface accessible from any where on any device.

Search & Filters

Quickly find your creative projects.

Bulk operations

Easily execute common actions on multiple creative projects.

Customizable filters and columns

Configure the filters and columns to fit your production process.

Brief your creative team

Give your creative team all the information they need to design quality ads.

Assign project to creative resource

Give responsibility to team member to produce and deliver ads.

Estimate efforts & work loads

Balance work across your creative team to accurately predict that creative projects gets delivered on-time.

Track creative project progress

Always know exactly where your team stands with accurate current status and clear next steps.

Upload creative files

Streamline your approval, delivery and validation process with the files sent to the media supplier.

Track corrections

Capture and track clear and accurate feedbacks on your creative projects. Never lose or forget to fix.

Log time on creative projects

Enable your creative team to log the time spent on a creative projects.

Comment on creative projects

Easily record additional details about a creative project and collaborate with other team members.

Easily consult media contact information and delivery procedures

Quickly access your media representative contact information with clear step-by-step procedure to deliver creative files to the media supplier.

Deliver creative files to media supplier

Easily send your creative files by email to the media supplier.