Media planning

Plan & book media placements.

See how your marketing team can collaborate on media plans in real-time through the media planning process without the pain of spreadsheets.

Simple and intuitive interface

Modern user interface accessible from any where on any device.

Search & Filters

Quickly find your media placements.

Bulk operations

Easily execute common actions on multiple media placements.

Customizable filters and columns

Configure the filters and columns to fit your planning process.

Centralize your media buys

Create media placements for every campaigns, markets, and channels of your media plans in a centralize location.

Track expenses and remaining budgets

Always know exactly how much you’ve spent and how much is left by media plan, by market, or by campaign. Say goodbye to all the wasted hours consolidating numbers spreaded in multiple spreadsheets to validate if you’re within budget.

Visualize media buys in a blocking chart

Easily create and customize beautiful blocking charts of your media plans at the click of a button.

Analyze media buys with built-in reports

Analyze your media buys from every angle in seconds: by media, by media categories, by markets, by campaigns, etc.

Easy consult media contact information and booking procedures

Quickly access your media representative contact information with clear step-by-step procedure to book media placements with each media supplier.

Generate professional insertion orders

Generate and send standardized pdfs to your media suppliers to book the medias in your media plan. Insertion orders also include the P.O. # and instructions to facilitate invoice processing by your accounting department.

Book media placements with productivity automations

Only one click is required to flag the media placement as booked and automatically :

  • publish in your upcoming calendar
  • create a creative project to design and deliver with assignment and production/delivery dates based on each media definition.
  • Create an expected invoice to validate and approve