Marketing Requests

Collect & process marketing requests.

Give your clients an effortless experience to submit their marketing requests

Step 1
Client submits request

Clients goes to the marketing request system, enters the required information, attaches supporting files, and submits the request.

Step 2
Marketing managers reviews & approves request

Marketing managers may adjust request accordingly with recommendations.

Step 3
Marketing team plans & executes request

Marketing team schedule media placements and creative projects for the request.


Submit marketing requests

Provide a single location for your clients to submit different types of requests thru simple and customizable forms


Receive confirmation

Give your clients confirmation on screen and by email that their request was successfully submitted to their department head for pre-approval or directly to the marketing department when no pre-approval required.


Consult request status

Give your clients a self-serving portal to consult the status of their requests themselves without having to send emails to your marketing team.

Marketing team

Receive all request in a structured way

Forget the scattered or informal emails you receive from your clients to request marketing services. Now, all request comes in the same funnel in a structured way with complete traceability and accountability.

Marketing team

Validate requests & provide recommandations

Validate and approve the request to be executed by the marketing team with optional recommandations. If required, directly adjust the request information.

Marketing team

Assign requests

Assign the marketing manager that will own the request and ensure its proper execution until delivered to the client.

Marketing team

Create media placements

Plan media placements within the planning module with all the request information easily accessible.

Marketing team

Track request status

Always know exactly the status of the media placements and creative projects inside your requests.